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Multi-function Sink Drain Basket


Color: PINK

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Convenient & Practical

Multi-function Sink Drain Basket, automatic draining design for quick-drying, and retractable design for saving space. It is widely used to store kitchen tools, vegetables, fruits, or kitchen waste. You can also install it in the bedroom, bathroom, car and other places where you need it.

Main Features

  • [Suction Cup Installation] The storage basket can be installed to the side of the pool through the bottom suction cup, which is convenient and simple, and not easy to move. Save space by storing in corners

  • [Automatic Draining Design] The hollowed-out basket bottom is convenient for direct drainage, keeping the stored kitchen utensils ventilated and dry, and avoiding the breeding of bacteria

  • [Multifunctional Storage Basket] The top of the shelf can be used to store small kitchen tools. The drain basket can be used as a storage basket to store vegetables, fruits, kitchenware, or kitchen waste

  • [Retractable Design] The basket can be retracted as needed, and it can be folded to save tank space when not in use. The large-capacity design can hold more and prevent the residue from blocking the sewer.

  • [Quality Materia] Made of high-quality PP material, non-toxic and tasteless, not easy to deform or fade, and can be safely contacted with food.

Using Methods

  • Installed to the side of the sink through the suction cup at the bottom, used to store kitchen tools, vegetables, fruits or kitchen waste.


Product Weight
  • 312G
Package Contents
  • Multi-function Sink Drain Basket × 1
Color Blue/Pink/Gray
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