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Pet Grooming Auto Hair Dryer




One of the most important pet accessories that you have to have when you have dogs as pets is the dryers. This is why a pet dryer with a stand is a great choice for you. These pet dryers come with adjustable speed settings, so that the pets feel comfortable in their presence.

Depending on the size of the pet, the height of these dryer stands can be increased or decreased, according to your convenience. Pet Dryers are excellent equipment that makes the best use of technology with adjustable temperature and volume settings so that your pet doesn’t feel threatened at any time.

There are many kinds of pet dryers that you could invest in, to provide comfort for your dog or pet. The blaster blower is one of them. This is a must-buy for you, if you have pets or work as a dog groomer with pets with thick coat of hair. You can also use the blaster blower for de-shedding dogs or cats with a large amount of hair on them. These heavy-duty dryers come with over 2800W (3600W for double-motor version) of airflow that can be adjusted as per your needs. These powerful pet dryers also have noise cancellation features and detachable grooming nozzles as well, making them perfect for grooming, brushing, drying and other functions.

Pet dryers are of different types. You can choose the basic model if your pet doesn’t have too much of hair on it; however, if you have a hairy dog or cat as a pet, you will have to invest in a powerful pet dryer for the same. Be aware of the features, power capacity and other functionalities of the pet dryers, before you invest in them. This way, you can be sure of choosing the right dryer for your pet. All of our dryers can also be wall-mounted using our stainless steel wall mounting bracket.


1. After you towel dry dog, removing all excess water from your pet.
2. Lay the pet dog dryer flat on the floor.
3. Put front paws into the leg holes and back paws into leg holes. It may be easier to put your hand up through the hole and pull the paw through.
4. Bring both sides of magic paste together and slide fingers along magic paste to fasten.
5. Lightly tighten drawstrings around neck and tail. Do not over tighten, air should vent through openings.
6. Attach virtually any blow dryer to flex-tube.
7. Turn blow dryer on Warm or Low heat and the air speed to high. The pet dog dryer will puff out. Air should vent through leg openings, neck and tail.

Warm Tips:
- Dry times will vary depending on the size of your dog, the length of their coat and the thinckness of their fur.
- Short hair and/or small dogs may take approximately 10-20 minutes. Larger and/or long hair dogs may take longer.

Package Included:
1X Pet Dog Dryer
(blow dryer Not included)