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Fast Metal Plate CutteršŸ”„ Semi Annual Sale - 50% OFF


Fast Metal Plate Cutter

Donā€™t let the power cut affect your work anymore!
Fast Metal Plate CutterĀ willĀ never interruptĀ your cutting!!!Ā 
No electricity needed, avoids the trouble of power outage.

Safely facilitates and speeds up theĀ cutting of stainless steel, aluminum, iron, copper, and other alloys.

The design of this tool takes cutting tools to a new level!

Main Features

[Cutting Ability]

It can quickly cutĀ 25GA (0.5mm) stainless steel,Ā 22GA (0.7mm) iron, copper, aluminum,Ā metal mesh, and evenĀ 19GA (1.0mm) plastic board, FRP fiber, PVC board, cardboard and other hard plates.Ā The larger the material, the easier it is to use.

[Fine and Clean Cuts]

The design of two parallel circular blades will make the wholeĀ cutting process smoother and labor-saving.Ā It will always be very sharp, making the material cutting more orderly.

[Durable Structure]

It is made of steel,Ā strong and durable. Donā€™t worry about being damaged if it accidentally falls to the ground.

[Non-slip Handle]

Ergonomic design, large and non-slip handle, which isĀ easy to grasp and effort saving.

[Safe and Portable]

The whole body is sleek, not as easy to pierce people like scissors,Ā safer to use and carry. The blade is small, easy to carry and store.

[Simple to Use]

Simple to operate, most people can use it. When you have used it skillfully, you will find that it is a very good tool, value for money.

Do not need electricity or other tools,Ā and avoids the trouble of power outage.


Material: Steel

Weight: 300g

Package Size: 18x8x4.5cm

Package Includes: 1x Fast Metal Plate Cutter