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🎄50% Off🎄Early Christmas Promotion🎅Dragonborn Monster Hunter Mask Props


The holiday is here.
Are you the dragonborn in the The Elder Scrolls? Or the brave Monster Hunter?

龙神 (2)

Product Name: Dragon mask, Tiger Mask, night fork mask, dog mask

Specifications:Tiger: 14.5 * 10CM, night fork: 17 * 16.5cm, Dragon God: 17 * 16.5cm, dog: 13 * 15CM

夜叉 (2)

Packing: PE plastic bag

Material: PU

猛虎 (2)

Weight: 40g Dragon God, 50g Tiger, 40g night fork, 55g dog

Applicable age: over 8 years old.

天狗 (2)